Be the man with the mustache

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October 26, 2015
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Be the man with the mustache

– The difference between PR and Marketing by Marcé Bester

The circus is in town, and everyone is excited to see it. Circus tents fill the great open space in town and cheerful music fills the air.

A large banner at the top of city hall advertises a great weekend and everyone is looking forward to it. Underneath the banner, in front of city hall, a man with a large mustache and bright red top hat greets people with a friendly and courteous smile. He gathers the media and provide them with front row seats and free tickets – this way the rest of the town’s people do not miss out on the great event when the journalists report on their experience.

This parody describes PR as the man with the moustache and the difference between marketing and public relations. The banner overhanging from the roof of city hall is advertising and forms a part of what we refer to as marketing. Advertising is used to promote certain products and inform the public, whereas PR plays quite a different role.

When information is spread by means of an individual or, as in this case, the media it is known as public relations. The man with the mustache informs the journalists about the circus, which will, in turn urge them to write an article about it in the newspaper and reach larger groups of the public. The free tickets will be used by the media as part of a competition drive and will in turn create more awareness adding value to both the event and the public.

PR also focuses on building relationships with all the necessary parties, as in this case, the media. If the man with the mustache was already in contact with the journalists of the town, he could conveniently contact them and without any hesitation invite them to the event. PR makes it possible to manage the opinions of the public about a specific brand – it is used to pull interaction and not push for attention.

Marketing and PR is often confused for their inputs and outcomes and few understand that the two disciplines are quite different. But the power lies with those that understand that the two disciplines must coexist and whoever can understand the one and deliver exceptional results on the other has found the unrelenting applause of its Clients.

By using both disciplines to their fullest potential, a company will thrive and build a great reputation from the inside-out – making the man in the moustache’s job so much easier.

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